Editor based in Melbourne Australia, no fixed abode.

An Act Of Love - Short Film Directed by Lucy Knox, 2018
West Of Sunshine - Feature Directed by Jason Raftopoulos, 2017
Dirty Bird - Short Film Directed by Tom Broadhurst, 2017
A Birthday Party - Short Film Directed by W.A.M Bleakley, 2017
Theodore’s Gift - Short Film Directed by Elli Iliades, 2016
Slapper - Short Film Directed by Luci Schroder, 2016
Kin - Short Film Directed by Jason Raftopoulos, 2016
Poppy - Short Film Directed by Anna Jeffries, 2012
The Human Fog - Short Film Directed by Tom Broadhurst, 2012

Editorial Department
Berlin Syndrome - Feature Directed by Cate Shortland (Assistant Editor) Editor Jack Hutchings, 2016
Rosehaven - ABC TV Series Directed by Jonathan Brough (Assistant Editor) Editor Nathan Wild, 2016
Sucker - Feature Directed by Ben Chessell (Assistant Editor) Editor Rodrigo Balart, 2014
Partisan - Feature Directed by Ariel Kleiman (Assistant Editor) Editor Jack Hutchings, 2014
Never Tear Us Apart - Seven Network Mini Series Directed by Daina Reid (Additional Editor), 2013
Better Man - SBS Mini Series Directed by Khoa Do (Assembly Editor), 2012
Save Your Legs - Feature Directed by Boyd Hicklin (Assistant Editor) Editor Leanne Cole, 2012